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Skull Jewelry Apparel And Accessories

In the world of bikers, skull rings and skull jewelry are commonplace, and represent toughness, power, and rebellion. There are also used to reflect aggression and strength than motorcycle riders are known for. This sense of fashion can be traced back to ancient times. The symbolism of skulls have not changed that much since skulls and bones were used for fashion purposes. For instance, the Aztecs and ancient Egyptian people used the skull symbol to represent the vicious cycle of death and rebirth. In ancient civilizations, death was not related to suffering or sad inevitable end, but instead are a part of the human experience. The gods controlled death and rebirth, and skulls were an integral symbol to show their supreme power in controlling human destiny.

Thousands of years ago, actual bones were pierced through the skin and connected together by smaller pieces of bones or metal to create exquisite jewelry items. In ancient tribes, bigger skulls or bones represent higher position in the society.

The ancient ceremonies that made use of skulls during the Aztec times carried over at present, specifically during the famous Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. During this special holiday, Mexico and parts of the United States with large Mexican population celebrate the Day of the Dead by creating sugar skull candies, sweets, and accessories to name a few.

In modern fashion culture, visages of the skull are adorned with wings- that which symbolizes freedom in the sense of the release of the individual form the physical body into a free spiritual being. Skulls with crossbones on the other hand showcase danger, poison, and eternity. Skulls with butterfly wings denotes positive growth and transformation. Skulls with snakes twirling around holes mean immortality and knowledge of the netherworld. Lastly, skull with crosses denotes the humble beginnings of mankind. A more feminine and modern skull design is a skull with a rather colorful bow on top of the cranium- a design that is becoming all the rage for those who want to exude both their feminine and tough sides.

The Importance of the Skulls in the World of Motorcycle Riders

The use of skulls among riders is far from how it is being used in mainstream fashion. It’s a symbol that is commonly used by motorcycle riders from bike design, clothing, accessories, and jewelries. It does not depict intentions of dying or brining death to others, but skulls denote power. Skulls are also common fashion staples as evidenced by riders who prefer wearing skull rings and skull jewelry whenever they ride on the open road.

So you may be asking, if skulls are commonly associated with death and danger, how come motorcyclists accessorize their bikes, jackets, and clothing with the skull symbol. Given that every bikers objective is to ride safely, why does this seem to oppose their sense of fashion? For instance, the company Harley Davidson is known for their famous skull design trademark. Not only is the skull symbol seen in their elegant and powerful models, but their merchandise including shirts, jackets, leather pants, and even coffee cups are adorned with their trademark skull design.

Although all motorcycle aims to drive safely whenever they are on the open road, it seems rather ironic to use skulls in most of the fashion items they wear. It is undeniably one of the more common and dominant symbols of motorcycling.

As mentioned earlier, skulls as the choice of art in fashion has been around for thousands of years. Not only were they used in ancient festivals, they can be seen in classic paintings and artwork. Skulls are not only important elements in ancient tribal ceremonies, but are now becoming a strong and solid fashion statement among bikers. Gone are the days when the skull and crossbones have always been synonymous to death, poison, and danger. Pillagers and pirates from the old days also use the skull as their notorious symbol.

Skull Rings for Bikers

On the other hand, bikers use the skulls in their clothing, accessories, and jewelry pieces so as not to evoke fear, but to show their sense of dominance and power on the road. Motorcycle riders, even those who do it on a daily basis, have one thing in mind- to have some good item riding and exploring the roads and highways. As motorcycles and big bikes cost a fortune, all bikers take the necessary precaution when driving their prized possessions. In addition, the last thing on their minds is to inflict harm on other people too. If this is the case, then why do motorcyclists use the skulls as major fashion statement? 

Here are some of the reasons why!

- Skull also symbolizes immortality. Even if one succumbs to death, their skulls and bones are parts of the body that retains its physical state- one that depicts a biker’s human side.

- The skull symbol is a way bikers acknowledge their fate as mortals. As bikers ride their motorcycles, they very well know that Death will always ride with them no matter how safe one rides. Skull rings and skull jewelry items is a means by which they showcase their openness of what lies ahead.

- Bikers who accessorize with skull rings and skull bones is a visual way by which bikers ward off certain groups of people. Displaying skull rings and skull jewelries makes it easier for bikers with the same interests and keep the undesirables at bay.

- Skull symbol showcased through rings, jewelry, and other accessories level the playing field. Regardless of one’s stature in life, everybody will be facing the inevitable- death.

- Lastly, wearing skull rings and skull jewelries showcase a biker’s commitment to ride until death. It’s a symbol of passion among bikers who wish to ride, explore, and have fun with their brothers on the open road.